Monday, 6 March 2017

SSE and CBC Mount Edmund

"We strive for perfection and if we fail, we might just have to settle for excellence." - Sir Matt Busby

CBC Mount Edmund And Sports School of Excellence - Soccer Institute, have recently agreed to go into partnership to strive for a better soccer environment at school level, in particular, within the walls of CBC. We've been engaging in talks over the past few weeks, both parties looking out for the best interests of the College, and most importantly, the interests of the Pupil. Thus, the idea of a school academy came to be, and it is with great excitement that we look towards 2017.

The Academy will officially start in the beginning of the second term. Practices will be held twice a week, with tournaments, friendlies and clinics happening on select weekends. The objective for 2017 is to raise the funds to buy SAB Regional League status for 2018. This will put us in a position to compete at a professional level and place CBC/SSE in new waters of opportunity. A full time Academy will take place from 2018, with the school acting as a feeder system into this league. This will be a fantastic opportunity for players, and coaches alike, who are looking to pursue a career in soccer.

If you are looking at giving professional soccer a shot, this is the way to go.

We would love you all to be on board.

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